Sports Betting Handicapping Services

Sports betting handicapping services are of valuable assistance to sports bettors with little time to make their own selections Even if you are equipped with an arsenal of great handicapping angles like the ones we have provided on this site, it still takes a huge time commitment to review all of the sporting betting opportunities […] Read more

Why BUY YOUR Sports Picks From Me

Buy sports picks with confidence, all service picks and records in the directory that I use are 100% legitimate and transparent.  You can register an account 100% free and start following me / buying sports picks within minutes.  Get instant SMS text or email alerts every time YOU make a new pick to assure you […] Read more

Spend The Holiday Season With 5Dimes

The holiday season is here and 5Dimes has you covered for all of your holiday betting needs. 5Dimes has the most betting markets, the widest variety of odds and the most popular props online. Why does that matter? College Football Bowl selection is on December 4th. The first bowl game is on the 17th. The […] Read more

Angles To Win YOUR Bowls And Playoff Bets

Time to Start Thinking About Angles for Bowls and Playoffs. Below are a few things that have consistently convert. 1. A Rematch of Non-Divisional Opponents: This has converted 63.2% (43-25): This works for two playoff teams who have played each other during the regular season. The play is on the team that lost the first […] Read more

NFL Football Teasers: Dos and Don’ts

The sports book’s take from unskilled NFL football teaser players is much higher than their take from unskilled straight bettors.  An unskilled straight bettor will win about 50% of his plays (ignoring pushes) whereas an unskilled 6-point, 2-team NFL football teasers player will win only 47.8% of his plays (again, ignoring pushes). So, just as Read more

How To Calculate Sports Probabilities

Sports betting is tough and not everyone can make money from it, in fact, most people are consistently losing. The main difference between the winners and the rest lie in the general approach to sports probabilities. Most sports bettors who are successful evaluate the probabilities behind it and place their money on the markets that […] Read more

Lotto900 Payouts

The following table shows payouts for all straight and boxed number combinations.  The highest payouts come from straight plays with winning numbers in exact order.  These plays are the most restricted, with fewer chances to win.  Any winning 4-digit number from 0000 to 9999 that comes up in the exact order that you select pays […] Read more

Can You Actually Win At Sports Betting?

It is a well-known fact that most people that bet on sports are losing money in the long run.  This brings the question if it is actually possible to win money at sports betting on a regular basis.  The simple answer is yes, it is possible and there are people doing it.  However, it is […] Read more