Horse Betting Tips For The 2016 Preakness

The Preakness is easier for handicappers than the Kentucky Derby or Belmont since it is easier to predict, and less prone to upsets. That does NOT, however, make it a slam dunkeven!  The winner often does NOT pay too much usually, so you have to be more strategic in your bet construction here than in […] Read more

MLB Sports Betting Online

Sure, Major League Baseball games can be rather dull and take forever to complete.  But it is also the main live event to get dedicated bettors from the end of NCAA’s March Madness to the start of the NFL and NCAA football seasons.  No other sport is more dependent on one person when it comes […] Read more

Lottery Syndicates – Should YOU Participate

There are times when you have got to look up to the power of “One” and there are times when you just have to say “Team”.  When talking of lotteries, you increase your chances of winning manifold when you participate in an e-lottery syndicate. An online lottery syndicate harnesses the power of the internet to […] Read more

2016 MLB Season Predictions

Below are my predictions for the 2016 MLB season.  Please let me know your MLB predictions in the comments. Division Previews American League East World Series odds: Red Sox 12/1, Blue Jays 14/1, Yankees 16, Orioles 40/1, Rays 50/1 Division odds: Blue Jays 2/1, Red Sox 5/2, Yankees 7/2, Rays 5/1, Orioles 8/1 American League […] Read more

Horse Betting Odds

“You can beat a race but NOT the races,” is a common slogan that is said at most US racetracks. Since the sport of horse racing primarily revolves around the betting aspect, most horse bettors try desperately to come up with a winning formula to beat the odds and tip the scales in their favor. […] Read more

5Dimes Bingo

Bingo is a unique gambling game that is well accepted by a variety of audiences.  Unlike most gambling games that primarily target a flashy casino atmosphere, bingo has been viewed as a family game.  Although, bingo appeals to the casino gambling industry, it is also played in churches and by a variety of charitable organizations. […] Read more